Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Dedication

I got dedicated on Sunday - I had lots of family come to see the big event. All of my great grandmas (even my great nana) came and my grandma, grandpa, and nana. We all went up for the dedication including my uncle jeff and god mother claire. Afterwards lots of people came to my grandmas house for food and fun. I got passed around all day and rolled over for everyone like 10 times.
I turned one month yesterday - I am so big allready my mom wants me to stop growing so fast.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


OK, so heres the deal, grandma and I were playing on the floor in my nursery. (Mom had to work....shes supposed to be on maternity leave...but apparently she was needed) I got really tired of "tummy time" so I rolled over onto my back.

Grandma told Mommy and Daddy but they didnt believe her. I was laughing on the inside :)

So yesterday daddy had me on my stomach....again.... and apparently he didnt get the hint that I dont like tummy time, so I rolled over for him too....and then he wanted to show mommy so I had to do it a 3rd time.

Anyways, I think mom and dad are really impressed, they think Im amazing!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, I turn 3 weeks tomorrow, I cant believe how quickly time is going by. My mommy and daddy have been keeping me very busy. I was 10 pounds 3 ounces this week, I have been growing very well. Probably because I like to eat so much! I am starting to be a little fussy - I dont want mom and dad to get any rest! Every now and then I give them a break at night and sleep for 4 hours, but only some times, I really like to keep them guessing!

Tomorrow I get to take a trip to Skamania lodge. My mom is going to eat crab - Im a little nervous about whether or not Im going to like crab milk, but hopefully it will be good. Its my moms favorite. She is having a business planning weekend with grandma and grandpa so dad and I get to go along and stay at the lodge and eat yummy food while they talk business :) Dont worry, I'll put up pictures and let you know what I think of the milk...I can allready tell you peanut butter milk - not so good for my tummy. Mommy and daddy learned their lesson on that one!

Here are some exciting things I did last week ...

well, this was the week I came home, my mom and dad gave me my first bath.... i didnt like it very much, but my second bath they let me soak in the warm water and i thought that was great! i splashed my feet and cooed and oogled!

This was my first trip to the mall, I am just over one week old but I really wanted to see my auntie claire in action at Nordies.

I know its hard to believe but I am only one week and 2 days here. This was me getting ready to leave for my first church service. PS. the music was really good and i got to go in a special room and have a snack with my mom and grandma...

Well, I just think me and my daddy are very cute. Probably the cutest boys in my moms life.