Thursday, February 07, 2008


So I apologize for this scattered blog. Today was a big day, I went to .... daycare? My mom dropped me off this morning - in fact Im there right now with 3 other little girls .... seriously ... i allready have 2 girl cousins, 2 on the way and she takes me to a place with all GIRLS! Well, its only once a week and we will see how I do. I am fully walking and using a large array of words like, hot, dada, papa, gaga, hat, ash, but i cant seem to form the word mama. I have mastered the spoon, the itsey bitsy spider, and my head shoulders knees and toes. Today I tried to catch the sunshine but it was too fast. Here are some photos from the last couple months.

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Anonymous said...

so cute! thanks for posting photos. i now have my cohen fix. ;o)